About Us

Mission: to establish kanwrite as a global brand known for its products, their reasonability as well as its acumens.

Vision: To bring back in the society that same transparency and integrity on which our civilization was cemented.

We offer a varied range of writing instruments with the best quality components that serves the purpose of students, businessmen & professionals alike. We are not the largest manufacturer of our products, only because we prioritize quality over quantity & concentrate more on innovation of better products rather than producing vehemently.

With over 25 years of nib designing and fabrication experience, we ensure that our customers are offered a varied product line constituting robust quality and beautifully crafted designs. The long history of the company and strong financial stability has forever made our suppliers loyal and customers happy. The vast and diversified industry interface that we envisage is a strength that has always made us to take challenges beyond the conventional practices and create products that truly bring out the sense of style and sophistication. We don’t just produce, we create art, symbolizing knowledge, truth & success.

Hence we give to the world, KANWRITE. KANWRITE is not just a brand, its a belief that knowledge never fades. Hence we welcome a new generation with a new venture; a generation that believes in transparency, accountability, truth and integrity. Its not just a brand, its a reflection of the DNA of the company and a reflection of the belief that someday everyone will have, The Power to Write. 

Since its neoteric inception, KANWRITE has been a name that epitomizes the very ideals its been born on.

We are a family managed business. And a family business has always been synonymous to the core values that our culture carries. The very success of the company can be attributed to the fact that its constitution has always given the same importance to values and business ethics as much as to profit and numbers. And this equilibrium has always helped us to have a smooth supply chain and abide by the promise to our clients, to provide with the best pens at a competitive price. Our strong morals motivate us to thrive hard and continuously improve our products. Our quality maintenance emerges from the impeccable shop floor management that has always helped us to retain employees and keep them satisfied.

Our Team